The Ending of Moon of the Crusted Snow (spoilers!)

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In the end of the book Moon of the Crusted Snow The main character, Evan is out in the bush waiting for the family as his wife, Nicole is looking around their old house for things that they need that was left behind or some old mementos. Once Nicole has finished up the search in the house she walks out of the building to her son and daughter asking for their fishing rods and tackle box. Then they leave to the bush for the father.

I personally thought that the ending was lacking something and that the story should’ve had a different ending all-together. My reasoning to this is that you don’t grow with the character and you never see them struggle with problems aside from the dreams, they don’t struggle and that would also be how I make the ending change by making the ending longer to be more of a cliffhanger to actually see the character struggle. say maybe even more information on the character so that it seems like more of a human with struggles. who has dilemmas and is not simply a robot who bases follows a definite set of rules with no flaws; humans have flaws and are supposed to make mistakes, where as this books makes the protagonist have only problems such as “The community is going to chaos” and dealing with the death of those close to him and trying to be better than Justin Scott; other than all of that there is no struggle, he just leaves himself to his thoughts and even then they aren’t that bad.

Moon Of The Crusted Snow First Impressions

Moon Of The Crusted Snow¬†is a novel written by Waubgeshig Rice. The novel is about an isolated reservation north of most areas, but as the main character; Evan readies for winter. The satellite goes out ,soon the other technologies starts to fail in the community, and then a constant snow storm comes in…

My opinion about this book is… well for one i think the book is rather bland, and though it does pickup after awhile it’s not one of those books that really catch your attention or screams “PICK ME UP AND READ ME” well in my personal opinion, but probably because this isn’t a book i can find any relativity to my life or the world around me. I say this because the protagonist is hard to relate to as he has no character or flaws from what i read, he never struggles for decisions, he shows little to no emotion, he doesn’t seem to have the slightest defining personal traits aside from the fact he can’t swallow his pride, and he apparently cares little for family such as his brother or his parents.